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16 March 2011 @ 12:17 am
Goodbye, Ashton Jones  

Last week we said goodbye to Ashton Jones - a girl that I had liked at the end of the auditions but by Top 24 week, was at the bottom of my list. Her performance wasn't great and we all know it. If she'll amount to anything other than one of the many Idol alum, only time can tell.



OK, I'll be honest. I actualy wasn't able to watch the show on TV. I kind of live streamed it in the morning with the picture box being much smaller than Ashton's picture above. I got the general gist anyway and it's not like the performances meant anything to me [sorry, Glamberts].

Little notes on the show:
- Casey was sick again. So sad. Felt a lot like the Christina Christian situation in season 1 though, at least he didn't get eliminated.
- The way that Ryan put Karen into the bottom 3 was really tactless. It wasn't even suspenseful. It was just awkward.
- I hated the Lauren Alaina fake out. Oldest trick in the book. Make the voters panic. Jeez. It's that kind of treatment that makes producers' favorites lose! Case and point: David Archuleta, Adam Lambert, Crystal Bowerseox. Need I say more?
- Haley keeps on ruining my predictions. :|


Next week is Year of Birth songs! We have contestants born in 1994/1995! This should be interesting. :D