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24 March 2011 @ 11:43 pm
Motown Night  

I'll just come right out and say it....THAT SHOW WAS AMAZING. So good. There hasn't been a show that good in ages. I wasn't completely displeased with anyone. And that's saying a lot. Everyone really did better than expected. I was pleasantly surprised. I was dancing to almost every number and screaming with passion over all the great parts. It was tons of fun. My only comment is that in a show that good, I wonder why nobody was capable of having an Idol "moment". ... Just saying.

Contestant Role Call:
1. Casey Abrams - not FANTASTIC. I miss his prettier singing.
2. Thia Megia - Good anergy and Vocals. Didn't hate it. A little personality but not enough.
3. Jacob Lusk - Much better. Loved the restraint. Kept it where it was good.
4. Lauren Alaina - Amazing start. The upbeat part felt 2 dimentional vocally and emotionally.
5. Stefano Langone - Not great. Stray notes. Went big when he should have toned it down.
6. Haley Reinhart - Not a bad singer but doesn't translate. Lack of identity = downfall.
7. Scotty McCreery- Really liked this. High parts were great. Aural orgasm during that lower last part. <3
8. Pia Toscano - Love that she dialed it down. It wasn't a POWER vocal like before but still great, It was absolutely stunning.
9. Paul McDonald - So great with the guitar. Love what he did with it. He totally owned it and made up for the last few weeks.
10. Naima Adedapo - Bell bottoms! Vocal not great but still good. African dance was sweet!
11. James Durbin - Loved this too. Worked that stage. Filled it up nicely. Vocals were really solid.

Predicted bottom 3: Haley, Naima, Thia
Performances were all too good so this is based on past shows/current appeal.

Eliminated:I want to say Haley but she's been ruining my predictions so I will say Naima.

I feel like my predictions are wrong but whatever. :P It's a hard season to predict! O_O


raneyiseq on October 31st, 2011 02:33 pm (UTC)
This article was vey helpful to me. It helped me to be informed and more aware. The details were such a blessing, thanks.