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24 March 2011 @ 11:43 pm

I'll just come right out and say it....THAT SHOW WAS AMAZING. So good. There hasn't been a show that good in ages. I wasn't completely displeased with anyone. And that's saying a lot. Everyone really did better than expected. I was pleasantly surprised. I was dancing to almost every number and screaming with passion over all the great parts. It was tons of fun. My only comment is that in a show that good, I wonder why nobody was capable of having an Idol "moment". ... Just saying.

Contestant Role Call:
1. Casey Abrams - not FANTASTIC. I miss his prettier singing.
2. Thia Megia - Good anergy and Vocals. Didn't hate it. A little personality but not enough.
3. Jacob Lusk - Much better. Loved the restraint. Kept it where it was good.
4. Lauren Alaina - Amazing start. The upbeat part felt 2 dimentional vocally and emotionally.
5. Stefano Langone - Not great. Stray notes. Went big when he should have toned it down.
6. Haley Reinhart - Not a bad singer but doesn't translate. Lack of identity = downfall.
7. Scotty McCreery- Really liked this. High parts were great. Aural orgasm during that lower last part. <3
8. Pia Toscano - Love that she dialed it down. It wasn't a POWER vocal like before but still great, It was absolutely stunning.
9. Paul McDonald - So great with the guitar. Love what he did with it. He totally owned it and made up for the last few weeks.
10. Naima Adedapo - Bell bottoms! Vocal not great but still good. African dance was sweet!
11. James Durbin - Loved this too. Worked that stage. Filled it up nicely. Vocals were really solid.

Predicted bottom 3: Haley, Naima, Thia
Performances were all too good so this is based on past shows/current appeal.

Eliminated:I want to say Haley but she's been ruining my predictions so I will say Naima.

I feel like my predictions are wrong but whatever. :P It's a hard season to predict! O_O




This blog post is brought to you by all my final requirements. 2 weeks of requirements and then I can go back to happily obsessing about Idol. Yay. :D

It was Songs From The Year You Were Born Week -  a week that I hate simply because there is no simple/short/nice way to say it. Year of Birth Week? Songs From Birth Year? Song From Way Before Your Time of Consciousness? :P
The night was slow and the performances barely tolerable. This season is going downhill and it's making me sad. :( Should I even bother going through my comments? Fine. But only in tiny blurbs.

1. Naima Adedapo - Definitely becoming JUST a performer. What happened?
2. Paul McDonald - A mess for the most part. He needs to stand still and play his guitar.
3. Thia Megia - Weird phrasing but I like it. But yeah, she's getting really boring.
4. James Durbin - Wrong key. Sounded a bit whiny or nasal to me...or something like that,
5. Haley Reinhart - Did nothing for her but confuse us about her identity. Wrong song choice.
6. Stefano Langone - Lacks originality but the vocals were good and clean. [Side Note: love it when Clay sings this]
7. Pia Toscano - Good solid vocal  but I now wonder if she can dial it down.
8. Scotty McCreery - Higher than normal. Loved it. He makes no vocal mistakes but he needs to change it up a little.
9. Karen Rodriquez - She has annoying theatrics. Good start but didn't get better. Felt unnatural/forced.
10. Casey Abrams - I love basses/ists. :D Nice start. Screamy at the screamy part. It was OK.
11. Lauren Alaina - A bit "pitchy". She's not bad but she has yet to have a moment. Also...her interviews are ANNOYING.
12. Jacob Lusk - NO. It sounded too broadway-ish. The 2nd chorus was HORRIBLE. It was painful to watch. Ugh.

My predictions were...
Bottom 3: Haley, Karen and Naima
Eliminated: Haley

Karen got eliminated and so once again...Haley ruins my predictions. 3 weeks in a row now, Haley. WTF. Hahahaha.

I think that the problem with Karen was that she was trying so hard to fit into a certain mold. I remember her auditions and she was so natural and stuff. Going into the staged shows, she changed - even her looks changed. Her big fluffy hair died down. She chose pleasing songs. Etc. Etc. Etc. She sounded so much better whenever she would sing in Spanish which shows that she was holding back someway. When it comes down to it, you can't just be who you think the audience wants you to be because it really translates and it never translates well.

She had potential. It kind of just got lost in the mess of things.


I love the interview packages.
Next week is Motown Classics Week. :D

Lee userpic is in honor of his performace...which was kind of meh. Though I must say that he gave one of the best answers that I have ever heard to the "What advice can you give them?" question that Ryan always asks. :D
16 March 2011 @ 12:17 am

Last week we said goodbye to Ashton Jones - a girl that I had liked at the end of the auditions but by Top 24 week, was at the bottom of my list. Her performance wasn't great and we all know it. If she'll amount to anything other than one of the many Idol alum, only time can tell.



OK, I'll be honest. I actualy wasn't able to watch the show on TV. I kind of live streamed it in the morning with the picture box being much smaller than Ashton's picture above. I got the general gist anyway and it's not like the performances meant anything to me [sorry, Glamberts].

Little notes on the show:
- Casey was sick again. So sad. Felt a lot like the Christina Christian situation in season 1 though, at least he didn't get eliminated.
- The way that Ryan put Karen into the bottom 3 was really tactless. It wasn't even suspenseful. It was just awkward.
- I hated the Lauren Alaina fake out. Oldest trick in the book. Make the voters panic. Jeez. It's that kind of treatment that makes producers' favorites lose! Case and point: David Archuleta, Adam Lambert, Crystal Bowerseox. Need I say more?
- Haley keeps on ruining my predictions. :|


Next week is Year of Birth songs! We have contestants born in 1994/1995! This should be interesting. :D
10 March 2011 @ 11:54 pm
For some bizarre reason, this season took 2 steps backwards from its greatness. Tonight's show was a mess. No one really grew or did anything remarkable. This, then, will be a very negative blog entry. I advice that you skip right on ahead to my prediction and reasoning. :D

THE THEME: personal idols

Lauren Alaina - Lacked energy, It's a fun song and she kind of just kept to herself. Stage felt small. Not as much control.
Casey Abrams - The start on the stairs gave me chills. Perfect song choice but I miss his pretty singing. However, I really liked how nice and gritty it was.
Ashton Jones - Completely wrong key. No impact, at all. Official Cannon Fodder material.
Paul McDonald - bad sound. Slightly pitchy in parts. The dancing definitely made the performance a little weird. Him +Ryan = priceless though.
Pia Toscano - Stunning. Was a little restrained in the body. Her feet were planted on the floor. Less control than usual but still great.
James Durbin - Slayed it. Not completely clean but it was captivating enough to pull through. I am not hating him. :D
Haley Reinhart - It was dull and boring. She could not do that yodel. Vocally, it was just ok.
Jacob Lusk - The build up was a disaster. His oversinging is driving me insane. That run at the end sounded like a broken record. UGH.
Thia Megia - nice and simple but not interesting. Start of karaoke-ish tracks on idol. WEIRD. Kind of meh.
Stefano Langone - Again with the 'oke beats! I liked the "normal" parts. The dance thing was off to me. You don't do that to Stevie.
Karen Rodriquez - i'm not sure what went wrong but it was all over the place.
Scotty McCreery - He has to work on how cocky he looks when he performs but I'll say it again, he is always so spot on. Now, he needs to try an bring something new.
Naima Adedapo - She dances! This is not a common idol talent, mind you. She was not singing that well though. Really bad.

Steven Tyler, being young is not an excuse (regarding Thia).
Jennifer Lopez, what do you mean that you didn't mind the pitchy??? This is a singing competition!
Randy Jackson, I'vee agreed with you for the most part during this episode. GJ.

The people that will get through will do so, I believe, not because of their performance tonight but because of their following. The undoubtably safe are: Lauren, Casey, Paul, Pia, James and Scotty. I believe that Stefano and Thia will get by but ever so slightly. So we have Ashton, Haley, Jacob, Karen and Naima left. Jacob will unjustfully make it because people are insane and think that he's great. And the other one that will be safe will be Haley just because she was marginally better than the other three.

So my prediction for bottom 3 is Ashton, Karen and Naima with Ashton going home.
I believe that they wildcard-ed her in for diversity and the voters didn't like her to begin with so there.

Really disappointing night. Ugh. :|
09 March 2011 @ 08:04 am
We have a top 13 and they are absolutely amazing! Minus Haley who was not on anyone's predicted list, it's a pretty solid group. The worst of them could probably out sing some of the best in other seasons.

For the record, I totally guessed 9 of the 10 that got voted in. HAHA!

I won't make a final prediction just yet. Everyone's way too talented and spread out. I need a thinner list and greater exposure from some of them. It's a great year and if you haven't been watching you better start now.

Welcome back, Idol. <3

PS. I was sad to see Kendra, Robbie and Lauren T go.