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19 March 2011 @ 06:36 pm
Songs From The Year You Were Born Week / Bye, Karen  


This blog post is brought to you by all my final requirements. 2 weeks of requirements and then I can go back to happily obsessing about Idol. Yay. :D

It was Songs From The Year You Were Born Week -  a week that I hate simply because there is no simple/short/nice way to say it. Year of Birth Week? Songs From Birth Year? Song From Way Before Your Time of Consciousness? :P
The night was slow and the performances barely tolerable. This season is going downhill and it's making me sad. :( Should I even bother going through my comments? Fine. But only in tiny blurbs.

1. Naima Adedapo - Definitely becoming JUST a performer. What happened?
2. Paul McDonald - A mess for the most part. He needs to stand still and play his guitar.
3. Thia Megia - Weird phrasing but I like it. But yeah, she's getting really boring.
4. James Durbin - Wrong key. Sounded a bit whiny or nasal to me...or something like that,
5. Haley Reinhart - Did nothing for her but confuse us about her identity. Wrong song choice.
6. Stefano Langone - Lacks originality but the vocals were good and clean. [Side Note: love it when Clay sings this]
7. Pia Toscano - Good solid vocal  but I now wonder if she can dial it down.
8. Scotty McCreery - Higher than normal. Loved it. He makes no vocal mistakes but he needs to change it up a little.
9. Karen Rodriquez - She has annoying theatrics. Good start but didn't get better. Felt unnatural/forced.
10. Casey Abrams - I love basses/ists. :D Nice start. Screamy at the screamy part. It was OK.
11. Lauren Alaina - A bit "pitchy". She's not bad but she has yet to have a moment. Also...her interviews are ANNOYING.
12. Jacob Lusk - NO. It sounded too broadway-ish. The 2nd chorus was HORRIBLE. It was painful to watch. Ugh.

My predictions were...
Bottom 3: Haley, Karen and Naima
Eliminated: Haley

Karen got eliminated and so once again...Haley ruins my predictions. 3 weeks in a row now, Haley. WTF. Hahahaha.

I think that the problem with Karen was that she was trying so hard to fit into a certain mold. I remember her auditions and she was so natural and stuff. Going into the staged shows, she changed - even her looks changed. Her big fluffy hair died down. She chose pleasing songs. Etc. Etc. Etc. She sounded so much better whenever she would sing in Spanish which shows that she was holding back someway. When it comes down to it, you can't just be who you think the audience wants you to be because it really translates and it never translates well.

She had potential. It kind of just got lost in the mess of things.


I love the interview packages.
Next week is Motown Classics Week. :D

Lee userpic is in honor of his performace...which was kind of meh. Though I must say that he gave one of the best answers that I have ever heard to the "What advice can you give them?" question that Ryan always asks. :D