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04 March 2011 @ 12:40 am

I'm using a teeny tiny version of the first Top 24 pic I used to keep things....interesting. Hahaha.

The girls were absolutely killer tonight.

Top 12 GirlsCollapse )

Predicted Top 5: Naima, Thia, Lauren A, Pia, and Karen.
Preferred Top 5: Naima, Lauren A, Pia, Karen and Lauren T.

The Naima, Thia and Lauren A. picks were easy. I think that Julie wont make it due to that song and I feel like her votes will go to Pia. The Karen choice was a little more difficult and involved a process of elimination. Kendra and Haley were good but forgettable (due to the large amount of great performance and not because they were boring). Lauren T. should get in but I feel like her lack of prior exposure will be her downfall. Ashton and Ta-tynisa just did not do enough to get them through. Rachel, I just don't see her appealing to the Idol demographic. So we have Karen, a girl who has appeal, a great vocal performance, audition exposure and a memorable song selection. BAM. :D

Quote of the night:
"After Monday, Tuesday...even the week says WTF!" - Steven Tyler
03 March 2011 @ 01:33 am

I like this picture so I will use it for 3 days. Haha. (THAT and I cant seem to find a copy of the boys-only official photo).

Top 12 GuysCollapse )

Other random comments:
The stage looks AMAZING.
The contestant packages were a little lame.
Jennifer and Steven need to get their constructive criticism ON.
That part where Ryan calls back Brett and then Brett comes running back, hugs Ryan and says "I love you" made me lol big time. Heehee.

Great show in my opinion.

My predicted 5 to get in via votation: Paul, Casey, James, Scotty and Jacob.
5 that I want to get in due to personal preference: Paul, Casey, Scotty, Robbie and Tim.

I'll try to include wildcard picks with the girl's blog entry tomorrow.
26 February 2011 @ 12:07 pm
In what I assume is an Idol first, the Top 24 was revealed last night with each and every one of them gaining a little screen time. No name was left unsaid. No voice was left unheard. A brilliant move on Nigel Lythgoe's part. :D

Here's a run down of the other 19 that made it through last night...
1. Karen Rodriguez - She's amazingly pleasant and adorable. How well she'll do is still up for debate.
2. Robbie Rosen - His cover of Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word left me breathless.
3. Ta-tynisa Wilson - I doubt that she'll do well. I was not impressed.
4. Tim Halperin - I love his voice. He makes me smile
5. Julie Zorilla - Love her sultry voice and her fluffy skirts. She's a favorite for sure.
6. Scotty McCreery - That last song that he sang slayed me. It's weird how a low voice can apparently give you chills.
7. Jovanny Barreto - Good voice. No appeal. Cannon fodder for sure.
8. Lauren Turner - Had no idea who she was but the clips of her singing were amazing.
9. Rachel Zevita - Great final audition. Nicely done. Not particularly fond of her but good voice.
10. Kendra Chantelle - Nice voice. Love the slight grittiness to it.
11. Jordan Dorsey - To be honest, I don't really feel anything from him.
12. Lauren Alaina - Great voice but the over-pimping will forever be off putting.
13. Stefano Langone - I don't think that there's room for both him and Jovanny in the competition. That being said, I like him better.
14. Jacob Lusk - Great voice but Jimmy Iovene was right, he does over sing. And ust NO to Randy's comment about best performance ever.
15. Pia Toscano - She's alright. No opinion really. Probably cannon fodder as well.
16. James Durbin - He makes me miss Lambert...which is saying ALOT. I hate the over singing. HATE IT.
17. Casey Abrams - Love love love this boy. Real consistent. And yes, his last song did make him SO sexy. <3
18. Thia Megia - Not fully impressed with her just yet. I kind of like her but her last song was flat.
19. Brett Loewenstern - Love him but he needs a great number to make it through.

On those that were cut:
Jessica Cunningham - I was going to feel bad for her but then she flipped off the cameras and so now she's just a bitter loser.
Jacee Badeaux - His voice is so immaculate but I agree that he needs to grow a little. The presser would've gotten to him.
Colton Dixon - Did not remember him but the clips of him were great. I wish that he had gotten in instead of Jovanny.

Anyway, I am particularly rooting for Paul, Naima, Ashton, Robbie, Julie, Scotty [because I LOVE low voices], and Casey - not in that specific order. The top 12 guys' performances were taped tonight so I'm all excited. Rickey.org has some spoilers up and the song choices look promising. Yay. :D

We have a really great group this year, I believe. So happy about that.

In Nigel Lythgoe we trust.

25 February 2011 @ 04:35 pm
On last weeks shows: I wasn't particularly compelled to write about them. Group day was just too much and individual performances had a few gems I guess. People sang, others got booted and I remained commentless.

On a side note: Scotty McCreery better learn new songs and I was sad to see Rob Bolin leave.


Last night's show was a great one. Every time they would go to commercial I would be at the edge of my seat. *wub*

In a slight twist, the producers brought us to Vegas last night where they asked the contestants to form smaller groups and tackle the Beatles reportoire. This was apparently a challenge because a lot of the contestants didnt even know a single Beatles song. (Anyone who said that on-camera immediately went down a few notches in my book).

For me, the best performances of the night were Something as covered by Julie Zorilla and Tim Halperin and Blackbird as covered by Paul McDonald and Kendra Chantelle. They all did a killer job. It was stunning and spotless and smooth. They were just joys to listen to. Also, props for the Paul McDonald exposure - something we all know I've beeen waiting/looking for.

Special mentions go to Robbie Rosen (whose voice is just so pretty) and Molly DeWolf (who I was sad to see go without any exposure other than her audition).


The second half of the show revealed to us a few of the contestants that did and didn't make it to the Top 24.

A quick run through of those that I took note of:
1. Naima Adedapo (in) - I love her. I love her voice. I love her look. I love everything about her.
2. Hollie Cavanaugh (out) - I thought her vice was weak to begin with.
3. Clint Jun Gamboa (in) - I'm indifferent to him. His voice is good I guess.
4. Haley Reinhart (in) - I think that she'll end up as cannon fodder.
5. Paul McDonald (in) - we all know how I feel about Paul. Hahaha.
6. Ashton Jones (in) - I was pleasantly surprised that she got in. I didn't think she would but I liked her.
7. Chris Medina (out) - this elimination, I think, brought credibility to the new judges. He just wasn't good enough and you can't ride through the show on a story alone. 'Nuff said.

Tonight we find out who else makes it into the Top 24 and next week we get performances! YES! I love this show. Heehee.


Quote of the night:
"You can't over sing all the time" - Jimmy Iovene

You're a wise one Jimmy. <3
17 February 2011 @ 01:14 am

Hi. I just wanted to say that this week's blogs wont be per episode. I have a bunch of homework and stuff coming up so I'll be mostly busy until maybe tuesday. I'll post a collective entry when I can. I will definitely be watching and possibly tweeting (@rhymingpanda) though so there's always that.

Enjoy Hollywood week! <3

P.S. I need a different Lee icon. This one is lame (and badly cropped). Haha.